Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Monday .....

Happy Monday to everyone, its back to the grind for some and not for others. I hope every one had a wonderful weekend. I personally had a pretty good one, didnt have too much planned. Saturday I had to take my 6 year old daughter to her ice skating lessons , she actually did really good ! Then i had to work Sunday. So I did manage to make it to Jo Ann's Saturday ....they were having a really good sale, plus I had a coupon!! I found a really great fabric to make Gracie a pillowcase outfit for the spring. I can not wait to make it !! I will be taking orders for this print. I think you all will love it ! I am gonna be posting a few new projects that I have done over the past week. I have made a couple of hair bow and clippie holders. I have made a few hair bows this past week. I have also made a pillowcase outfit for my cousins little girl like the one I have posted, cant wait to get a picture of her with it on. Well happy monday to every one agian and I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed week.


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